Born in Southern California.  Living and working in Brooklyn, New York.

I prefer referencing memory over reality. A disregard of scale and perspective is often used as a tool to confuse how things happened and how I remember them. This is the basis of my work – loose reimaginings of experiences mostly dealing with the comedic side of deeply personal, and often tragic or awkward, moments. The themes of my childhood (sexual curiosity and shame) have pushed me to explore the topics of my adulthood (obsession compulsion and the excitement/guilt of excess). These themes are often visually depicted in the duplication or exaggeration of body parts. 

Currently, I'm also interested in the usage of still life as a way to tell the story of my cultural background – by weaving in objects that are significant to me being both Asian and American. Swapping shadows causes uncertainty and reoccurring objects are used as signifiers for the cultural misconnections I experienced growing up.

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